Talib Kweli performing live in Seattle, July 2012

I’m a Hip Hop head. I’ve been one since elementary school, back when I’d sneak and listen to my big brother’s Straight Outta Compton tape. I loved how real the lyrics were. The stories these dudes told actually happened in my Los Angeles neighborhood. Regardless of how anyone feels about them, they are great example of artists who created with an authentic voice, and this authenticity propelled them to icon status.

Then music changed. Content began to be churned out that was profane, but it wasn’t profound. At the same time, though, more artists started going indie so they could be free to create the music they wanted—not giving a damn about what would sell. This indie trend accelerated further with the digital age. On a personal level, I know a gang of my homies produced dope music in their homes.

That’s when the seed of Vaytus was planted in my mind. I didn’t want to be one of those dudes who griped about how dope music was back in the day. Hot music was still being made and people wanted to listen to it. So if the radio and the mainstream wanted to push a particular sound, let them do their thing. We can build our own lane.

Welcome to Vaytus. We’re about the love of music, and helping great indie artists who create for the love be able to reach more listeners.

Aniefre Essien,
Vaytus Founder/CEO

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