The Vaytus team would like to welcome you to the better music movement. Vaytus is a new music streaming platform that’s dedicated 100% to independent music.

Vaytus was founded by a dedicated team of independent music lovers who set out to build what we wanted to see in the world—instead of complaining about what others were not doing. With the proliferation of dope indie artists, and the same sound being pushed in the mainstream, we struggled to discover hot new music. Once we discovered we weren’t the only ones with this problem, we decided to do something about it.

We focus on connecting high quality indie with listeners who love "better music." As a listener, it can be quite difficult to know what's hot on the indie scene at all times. New artists and new music hit the internet almost every week, from all corners of the country. Vaytus takes care of that for you by curating the best indie music nationwide. And when it comes to artists, who have been told by streaming services to accept that their music is now worth nothing, we pay fair rates for the great music they create. This is because we don't deal with middle men and share revenue directly with artists.

We’re not anti-anything. We’re pro-better music. We believe music is a powerful ART form, and the best art is being produced by the legion of indie artists who have opted out of the formulaic pop sound.

Vaytus was built for indie music fans, indie artists, and anyone else who loves better music. Welcome.


Team Vaytus

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